• Chen Cun flowers in the world is located in Guangdong Province flower cultivation has a long history of Foshan City Shunde District Chencun, is the famous town flower. Chen Cun flowers world is to promote flower industry onIntensive production, industrialization and internationalization of trade road, in 1998 set up a large flower market, flower production, sales, collection of scientific research, information, training, import and export,Park development, exhibition, tourism and other functions in one. Chen Cun Flower World covers an area of 5000 mus. From the United States, Japan, Australia, Korea, Holland, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong and MacaoAnd other 10 countries and regions and 14 domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, flowers and related enterprises a total of more than 600 in the park to set up R & D, production, sales of flowers, the introduction of capital amounted to more than 30Billion yuan, traded 2010 the forehead achieves 3000000000 Yuan of above.
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